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About Company

The Karnataka Handloom Development Corporation was established in 1975 with the objective of providing support to weavers. Today KHDC has 13000 handlooms under its wing. KHDC works ceaselessly to encourage and support hundreds of thousands of weavers. Revive ancient designs and weaves and integrate them into today’s lifestyle


The prosperity of the Weaver And the prosperity of the corporation. Its our aim to improve the economic and social status of the weaver by achieving and maintaining quality at all levels of production which will then ensure the well being of the corporation.

Providing employment to the handlooms weavers outside co-operative sector round the year which includes supply of raw materials, technical guidance, training facilities and marketing support.

Ganda Berunda Silk Sarees

Integrating the glorius tradition of hand weaving from karnataka

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Coin Silk Sarees

Coin Saree This coin silk saree design is imitation of gold coin, coin designs are placed

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Tissue Silk Sarees

Integrating the glorius tradition of hand weaving from karnataka

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Welfare schemes of State Government

SubsidisedSaree Dhoti Scheme (SSDS)
The main objective of the scheme is to provide, means of livelihood to large number of weavers, particularly women and old aged weavers who were unable to switch over to non Janatha production. State Government continued the implementation of the SubsidisedSaree Dhoti Scheme and Karnataka Handloom Development Corporation continues to be the Nodal Agency for implementation of the scheme. The Scheme is being implemented from 1985 to the beneficiaries of below poverty line and yellow card holders in the state.

VidyaVikasa Scheme (VVS)

Karnataka Handloom Development Corporation was entrusted with the responsibility of supplying uniforms to three divisions (Bangalore, Mysore and Gulburga) to the tune of Rs 47 crores.

“Vishwa” Programme

KHDC is implementing State sponsored auspicious “VishwaProgramme” to the weavers of the corporation since 1991-1992. Under the programme, Corporation has provided Basic and Advanced Training to non-weavers and hereditary weavers in order to upgrade the skills. In addition to this, ModernisationProgramme, Supply of improved accessories, Conversion of short width looms to wider width looms were also executed.

House – cum – Workshed Scheme (HWS)

KHDC is implementing the Central Government sponsored House cum Workshed Scheme to the homeless weavers of the corporation since 1993-94, as per the guidelines framed by Government of India. Out of sanction received from Government of India for 444 urban and rural units, later modified to 453 units by readjustment of urban and rural component as at the end of March 2003, 425 units had been completed. By the end of March 2003 construction of 28 living-cum-worksheds were under various stages of completion.

Thirft Fund Scheme (TFS)

KHDC is implementing the Central Government sponsored Thrift Fund Schemes to the weavers of the corporations. The scheme is in operation from the year 1985. So far 5000 weavers have been covered under the scheme. Under the scheme each weaver will contribute 8% of his/her earning and Government will also contribute 8% as matching contribution (4% Government of India + 4% Government of Karnataka). Both the contributions will be deposited in the Government Treasuries of respective places. 12% interest is paid for the deposit. The total operation of the scheme is restricted to 15 years. After completion of 15 years, the deposited amount will be refunded to the weavers along with interest. Apart from this weavers are also eligible to withdraw 50% of their contribution to meet the expenses like hospitalisation, marriage of children etc.

Group Savings Linked Insurance Scheme (GSLI)

KHDC is implementing Centrally Sponsored GSLI scheme to the weavers of the corporation. The scheme is in operation since 1993-94. The scheme envisages.

Payment of Annual Premium of Rs 120/- per weaver out of which, Rs 40/- each should be paid by Government of India and Government of Karnataka. The balance of Rs 40/- has to be paid by weavers – Out of Rs 120/- of Annual Premium, Rs 50/- will be treated as premium and balance of 70/- will be treated as savings.

Weavers in the age group of 18-60 years are eligible. On Expiry / Death of weavers (both natural / accidental), Rs 10,000/- compensation will be awarded to the family of the weavers.

On attaining super annuities or pre-mature death, savings amount and applicable interest will be paid. To avail the above benefits, the weaver should remit his share of premium every year and keep the policy in force.