About us

The Karnataka Handloom Development Corporation was established in 1975 with the objective of providing support to weavers. Today KHDC has 13000 handlooms under its wing. KHDC works ceaselessly to encourage and support hundreds of thousands of weavers. Revive ancient designs and weaves and integrate them into today’s lifestyle


The prosperity of the Weaver And the prosperity of the corporation.

Its our aim to improve the economic and social status of the weaver by achieving and maintaining quality at all levels of production which will then ensure the well being of the corporation.

Providing employment to the handlooms weavers outside co-operative sector round the year which includes supply of raw materials, technical guidance, training facilities and marketing support.

Implementing welfare schemes sponsored by Government of Karnataka and Government of India for the benefit of weaver.

Repositioning the Company from ‘Market Follower’ to ‘Market Leader’

Production Process

Production – Pre Loom

Yarn is the most important input in the handloom production, KHDC has been arranging all type of standard quality yarn to the weavers to meet their requirement at reasonable prices. KHDC is equipped with its network to provide the following services:

Equipped to offer standard quality of yarn from a large number of spinning mills, few of them are meeting the national and international standards. Mills are empanelled with KHDC. All varieties of yarn made of natural and artificial fibres like cotton, silk, wool, jute, acrylic, polyester and their blends are available on demand.

Large number of weavers getting their required variety, quality of yarn to meet the present competition in the field of traditional and non-traditional handloom production. Future plan is to associate its services with the export oriented organisations by way of procurement and supply of yarn, with the objective to increase yarn business adequately.

Post Production Loom Process

Different varieties of fabrics produced by weavers of The Karnataka Handloom Development Corporation throughout Karnataka is collected at warehouses at Peenya and it is processed at “PRIYADARSHINI TEXTILE PROCESS HOUSE” situated at Peenya 2nd stage about 15 km from Bangalore. The Process House is established in the year 1980 having post loom processing capacity of 5-6 lakhs metres of different varieties of cloth. Government of Karnataka’s prestigious Vidya Vikas Scheme and Janatha Saree Dhothi Scheme required fabrics are being processed in the same Process House. This Process House is possessing G.M.P certificate issued by Drugs Controller, Govt. of Karnataka to process and supply Bandage Cloth required for all Government Medical Hospitals.

The Process House is having a fully automatic flatbed screen printing machine, silk sarees table printing and Computer Aided Designing to produce attractive designs on Sarees, Dress Materials and Furnishings which are being sold at our retail sales outlets “PRIYADARSHINI HANDLOOMS” Showrooms through out Karnataka and all metro cities. Also the process house is having a modernised silk yarn dyeing plant having production capacity of 2500 kgs of silk yarn per month with computer colour matching. The process house is shortly acquiring I.S.O.9001-2008 certificate.

bleaching dyeing silk dyeing
designing Printing ( silk) printing (cotton)
centering warehouse

Export Promotion

The Karnataka Handloom Development Corporation established in 1975 with the objective of providing support to weavers, it today has 13000 handlooms under its wing. KHDC has played a leading role in the renaissance of Indian Handlooms, Priyadarshini International, Export Division of KHDC, has been set up exclusively to cater to the requirement of the Global buyer.

From raw-material procurement to marketing, KHDC helps traditional weavers pursue their vocation fruitfully. Though it has in-house pre and post loom processing facilities it helps them maintain the highest quality standards and time schedules, something the way for the creation of an exquisite range of silk, cotton, linen and synthetic fabrics. And through its network of over 55 outlets countrywide it brings the masterpieces of the weaver”s art to the customer. ”Priyadarshini” the brand under which KHDC markets the hand woven fabrics is today synonymous with handlooms of exceptional quality and beauty, not in India alone but in the global market as well as a result of the seamless blending of an ancient heritage with contemporary fashion trends.


  • In touch with style, Worldwide: Monitors global fashion trends and issue guidelines on pantone shades that are popular.
  • Quality : Pure cotton yarn and silks used as raw material.
  • Eco-friendly: Uses only AZO free chemicals and vegetable dyes.
  • Socially responsible: Ensures no child labour is involved at any stage of its operation.


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